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Beckenham is a small town in the Borough of Bromley, in London. In recent years the town has grown, with it previously being a small village in the Kent County. Today it is mainly London suburbia, with some of the grander houses remaining.

Beckenham is home to a number of culture celebrations such as the Beckenham Festival of Music and Dancing which takes place every November. Beckenham Theatre puts on productions from local actors and actresses throughout the year. The Beckenham Concert Band is a community wind band who raised thousands of pounds for charity. They accept anyone, from amateur level to play local and national gigs across London and the South East.

Home to David Bowie and Julie Andrews, Beckenham is home to wide range of media productions. In BBC Radio 4's comedy 'No Commitments' the town was home to aspirational character Victoria where the town is explicitly mocked.

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