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29 Used Austin Cars in the UK

Austin is a famous British make which has been through more changes than a tyre. Pre World War 1 it was the plain old Austin Motor Company later it was part of British Leyland and then Austin Morris, Austin Rover and then part of the Rover Group. Phew! The brand was finally parked in 1989. It was great in its heyday the 1920s with the Austin Seven. This was a popular mid-range car with an annual production of 25,000 cars. The Austin Seven grew to be known as the Baby Austin and it was one of the most popular cars ever produced for the British market. It also sold well abroad in Europe, while on home ground it took over from most other British small cars and cyclecars of the 1920s. In this way it might be said that it was Britain's answer to the Model T Ford.

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Used Austin Cars in the UK


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