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26,514 Used Audi Cars in the UK

Audi the German car manufacturer makes them all from the big SUVs to Audi A1 to what The Economist coined the supermini class. Audi boasts the famous tag Vorsprung durch Technik or normally translated as 'Progress through Technology'. Recently, it has chosen to update this tagline to the more slick-sounding Truth in Engineering in the US. Part of the Volkswagen outfit, which boasted the more ordinary Passat, the Audi didn't go upmarket until the 1960s and it wasn't until the 1980s that it made it high-speed impact on the roads in suburbia with cars such as 'the' performance car or the Audi Quattro. This was a turbocharged coupé. Today the Audi S or Sport and the RS or 'RennSport' or sports performance are popular models and have been around on the forecourt since the 1990s.

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