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Ashton-Under-Lyne is a market town based in Tameside, Greater Manchester. It was once part of the historical part of Lancashire. The town lies on the north side of the River Tame and stretches out to the foothill of the Pennines.

The town's name's origin is unclear. However, it has been posited that the 'Ashton' part of the town's name dates from the Anglo-Saxon period as in Old English this means 'settlement by ash trees.' 'Under-Lyne' is possibly derived from more modern English, 'lemo'. This means elm and may be referring to Ashton's location to the Pennines.

This town has been home to many successful people such as Brian Wilde. He was an actor who played 'Barraclough' in BBCs Porridge and 'Foggy' in Last of the Summer Wine. Wilde spent his entire life in Ashton, from 1927 until 2008.

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