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Dating back to AD 600, this green market town was the home of the wealthy Earls of Northumberland and has a colourful history of battles and invasions. The Castle built in 1096 following the Norman Conquest is situated above the River Aln and was used for educational purposes after the second world war.
One can also find exhibitions of Italian frescoes, ancient Egyption relics and archaeological artefacts in the perimeter towers, and the castle has been used as a setting in several major films and TV productions , such as the Harry Potter films, Blackadder, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and others.

Other notable attractions are the Baffligate Museum, which houses a collection of local historical objects such as railway, domestic, agricultural and coal mining items. Also for those who enjoy the arts, the town's playhouse has regular dance, music, art, cinema and theatre events .

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