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The town of Addlestone is located in the borough of Runnymede in Surrey county and is thought to be named after the phrase "Attel's Denu" - the valley belonging to a Saxon named Attel.

Most famously, Addlestone is known for the 'Croach Oak' – an ancient 400 year old oak tree, believed to have originated in the 11th Century. This historical symbol of Addlestone was previously used to mark the boundary of Windsor Great Park, where legend has it that Queen Elizabeth I stopped for a leisurely picnic. Consequently, when visiting this town you will find many local pubs and businesses use 'oak' in their titles.

In literacy, Addlestone is mentioned in famous author H.G Wells' book The War of the Worlds, where the second of ten alien 'cylinder' invasion ships landed at the Addlestone Golf Links.

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